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Artist Statement

I design furniture that simply and elegantly performs its function.
My furniture does not try to define the difference between art and craft...
it exists quietly between the two. Fulfillment for me as a designer comes from creating functional objects that enhances the rituals of everyday life, hopefully for a lifetime.

The enjoyment of a piece of furniture by an individual gives it life and meaning and this gives me the energy to begin again.

About My Work

Known as Foyer Greetings, these pieces are designed to serve as backdrops for precious objects, collections or living plants. They may be placed anywhere in a home or commercial environment to create a distinctive and warm welcome to residents and visitors. Since the pieces are vertical with small footprints, they are easily placed in urban interiors, lofts, townhouses, condominiums and wherever space is at a premium. For more detail, please visit my online gallery.

2014 Show Schedule

Architectural Digest Home Design Show
March 20-23

Pier 94 55th Street at Twelfth Avenue
New York, New York

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